I'm a product leader with 12 years of experience, currently leading (and building) the product organization at Medly. I previously led the global online customer experience for American Express, specializing in award-winning UX, technology & people leadership.

I have a diverse set of interests and hope to use this page to express some of it.

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“I dream of the intellectual destroyer of evidence and universalities, the one who, in the inertias and constraints of the present, locates and marks the weak spots, the openings, the lines of power, who incessantly displaces himself, doesn't know exactly where he is heading nor what he'll think tomorrow because he is too attentive to the present... ” –Michel Foucault

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<aside> 💡 How I Absorb: I tend to read anywhere between 3 and 10 books at any given point. I believe that reading doesn’t necessarily have to be linear (i.e. page-by-page) because our brains and interests are more complex than that.